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Some projects I managed or I am currently working on:

  • In the 80s I developed at Olivetti Systems & Networks an expert system for configuring minicoputers.
  • From 1989 to 2001 I developed decision support systems (DSS) for managing structural and environmental safety; some of the expert systems for the interpretation of monitoring data which I deployed are still in use:
    • Mistral, a DSS for managing dam safety (installed on several dams in Italy: Ridracoli, Pieve di Cadore, Cancano, Fusino, Valgrosina, San Giacomo), main result of the project DAMSAFE ([1] and [2]);
    • Kaleidos, a DSS for managing the safety of several monuments in Pavia: Cathedral and Towers of San Dalmazio, Belcredi, Maino, Orologio, Carmine, Università;
    • Eydenet, a DSS for interpreting monitoring data from landslides, installed at Spriana, Valpola, Val Torreggio, Campofranscia, Rosone, Semogo, Saviore, Ruinon, Citrin, Bosmatto, Becca di Nona, Vollein.
  • From 1997 to 2001 I managed the development of IPACS, a web tool to deal with early age concrete crack prediction in engineering practice (Brite EuRam Contract No. BRPR-CT97-0437).
  • From 1999 to 2001 I took part to the development of a Web based system, called SITUS, to support the management of multimedia information for archaeological sites (Progetto MURST, Ministero dell'Universita e della Ricerca Scientifica e Tecnologica Rif. 179203-1 3541494, Consorzio CORARC).
  • Since 2005 I am working on a project related to podcasting; I have set up and manage a podcasting service at the Univestity of Bergamo, PLURIVERSIRADIO, freely accessible by any Web user; Pluri is based on a free and open source software, Podcast Generator, written as a part of the thesis of a former student of mine, who is currently one of my most precious assistants, Alberto Betella.
  • I supervised the development of Babel, a bibliographic website about Edgar Morin's works, implemented and filled by Alessandra Bianchi e Ruben Pandolfi.
  • I have been responsible for the multimedia communication of some projects granted by th EU (contractor: Provincia di Cremona): Compraverde - GPPnet (LIFE 02 ENV/IT/000023); GPPinfoNET, la Rete Informativa sugli Acquisti Pubblici Verdi (LIFE 07 INF/IT/000410); SMARThydro (EISAS/EIE/07/064/2007).
  • I have built some sites and museum installations to foster environmental education (granted by the Provincia di Cremona): Bosco didattico di Castelleone; Il territorio come ecomuseo; installazioni multimediali nelle sale del Percorso didattico del paesaggio padano; Settore Ambiente institutional site.